5 November 2018

3rd Annual Intelligent Cities Summit

The summit aims to inform and facilitate discussions among city professionals and industry experts about:…
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20 September 2018

Global Digital Banking Conference

ICTC's President and CEO Namir Anani will be speaking on Open banking – the next big…
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19 June 2018

Big Data and AI: Toronto conference highlights the need to focus on searching for the elusive unicorn of data science talent

By Amar Vivek, ICTC's Data Analyst. He helps the organization strengthen Canada’s digital advantage, by…
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26 April 2018

Shifting Gears in a Changing Economy – The Talent Imperative

Digital transformation continues to radically change the face of business in Canada. We are also…
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10 April 2018

Blockchain Opportunities Summit Canada

A summit of professionals from cutting-edge private sector competitors to take a look at the…
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