Dr. Sacha Noukhovitch

Executive Director & Editor-in-Chief
STEM Fellowship – Student Research and Innovation Network

Dr. Sacha Noukhovitch is a STEM education and student research expert specializing in data-native generation learning and developing computational thinking and data-based critical thinking.

Dr. Noukhovitch is an Executive director of the STEM Fellowship – a federal non-profit organization that equips the next generation of change makers in STEM with indispensable skills in data science and scholarly writing through peer mentorship and experiential learning. He is also an Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Science Publishing STEM Fellowship Journal – the national scholarly publication of original student research as well as a practicing educator implementing data science education at Earl Haig Secondary School, Toronto.

He started his career as an electrical engineer in the nuclear power industry and obtained his PhD in Management theory from Moscow State University. He was a founder and editor-in-chief of the Canadian Young Scientist Journal. He is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers, sits on the marketing committee of the USA Council of Science Editors and LEAD Canada/LEAD International fellow.