Tanya Woods

Vice-President, Policy and Legal Affairs
Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC)

Tanya is Vice-President, Policy and Legal Affairs for the Entertainment Software Association of Canada where she is responsible for ensuring that Canadian federal and provincial policies and legislation support the thriving multi-platform video game industry in Canada. Her work includes collaborating with stakeholders and government representatives to address legal and policy issues confronting video game companies located in Canada. These issues include: immigration for highly-skilled talent; digital skills development; intellectual property; tax credits; privacy law; and, international legal and treaty initiatives.

For more than a decade, Tanya has been addressing legal and policy challenges confronting creators, innovators, and policy makers in private and public entities in the UK, US and Canada. Prior to joining ESAC, Tanya worked as the in-house copyright specialist for a major Canadian telecommunications and broadcasting company. She also served as a member of Canada’s intellectual property negotiating team for the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement; and, has significant experience working on complex copyright tariff and licensing matters relating to new and emerging technologies.

Tanya studied law at the London School of Economics, the University of Ottawa and American University Washington College of Law and is accredited with specializations in both Technology Law and International and Comparative Protection of Intellectual Property. Tanya frequently participates on panels, lectures and publishes (as writer and editor) on technology and copyright issues. She is also a co-founder of Girl Force, a local volunteer organization teaching girls and young women to make video games.