The quest for talent in a globally competitive digital economy

By 24 July 2015 No Comments

As Canada’s economy continues to be re-imagined digitally, industry leaders are rapidly looking for innovative solutions to respond to this new business reality. This is especially true for Micro and Small-and-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that represent the large majority of Canada’s industry. At the root of any success in this environment is skilled talent, driving innovation and competiveness.

Canada’s industries continue to face acute ICT talent shortages primarily due to the job growth outpacing the supply of gradates, and the skills gap in meeting current and future industry needs.

Against this pressing backdrop, ICTC released today its latest research series “Digital Economy Supply”, with the first edition focused on the supply flow of ICT talent from Canada’s post-secondary education stream.

This study not only outlines the challenges that we collectively face, but also represents a call to action for Educators, for the Industry and for Policymakers with solid strategies to help address the obvious shortcomings in our labour markets today and to better position all of us for Canada’s Digital Economy competitiveness tomorrow. It is well worth your time and attention and I highly recommend it to you.” – President of the CIO Association of Canada, Gary Davenport

“In this fast-paced digital economy, ICT talent continues to be a key comparative advantage in an increasingly global market. Attracting youth into ICT careers to build the talent supply, in addition to better alignment of education with industry needs will be paramount in ensuring Canada’s competitive advantage in the coming years.” – President and CEO of ICTC, Namir Anani

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