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Master The Skills and Training for Your Workforce

Canadian companies need talent with the right skills to be productive and competitive in the global market place. The HR portal was designed by ICTC to help companies develop and maintain a highly skilled, effective workforce. The HR portal provides employers and their employees with tools to assess their digital skills, define learning needs, and build cultural competence within organizations. The HR Portal is your access point to the suite of key HR tools that can make you the best.

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Enhance your innovation and competitiveness in a global environment by building and sustaining your diverse and inclusive workforce;
  • Boost your organizational productivity through up-skilling and improving subject matter expertise at a group or individual level;
  • Ensure your workforce (ICT and non-ICT) is equipped with the relevant digital competencies to yield the highest impact on productivity and innovation;
  • Support managers through employee professional development and career pathing solutions;
  • Enable your small, medium, and large organization to up-skill current employees. Whether you employ programmers, systems managers, business analysts, or project managers, this tool will support your growth and retention of your top talent;
  • Allow employees to self-assess against competency profiles. Your employees will receive a report outlining their strengths and areas for development along with resources to support future improvement and professional development;
  • Develop an inclusive workforce through courses and quizzes on Workplace Culture and Diversity in the Workplace.
Key Features
  1. Branding: The HR portal is your portal – your branding is applied to the tool to ensure that it seamlessly fits into your other HR management system. It also allows you to add your organization’s documents and learning materials.
  2. Workplace Competency Profiles are national standard profiles that outline the background, key activities, and competencies your employees need to work in industry today.
  3. Self-Assessment Tools is a career planning tool for your IT professionals, to develop skills in Information and Communications Technology, Digital Media, and e-Health.
  4. The HR Management Guide will help you build effective HR management strategies, development programs, and provide practical tools developed to meet your company’s needs.
  5. Culture Diversity provides support to develop your inclusive workforce through courses and quizzes on Workplace Culture and Diversity in the Workplace.

Plans & Pricing

As a not-for-profit organization, ICTC’s goal is to put this tool in the hands of as many organizations as possible and help build the competencies necessary to address the digital economy needs of the future. As such, we are offering a starter package for $850 which includes 5 Users to the ICT Full-Working Competency Profiles (other profiles available are E-Health Profiles, Digital Media Profiles)


  1. Annual Subscription
  2. HR Guide
  3. ICT Profiles
  4. Assessment Tools
  5. Create / Edit Profiles

Buy more and save more! If you require more than five licences prices will be negotiated and you will receive more savings.

For more information, email us at [email protected]