Virtual Community of Practice Launched

By 29 May 2015 No Comments

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is proud to announce the launch of the Virtual Community of Practice for Digital Adoption, an online community to facilitate greater collaboration among industry and the academic sector in the area of digital technology adoption.

The Virtual Community of Practice brings together individuals with interests and knowledge in digital technology and adoption to connect, collaborate, share information and experiences, and develop professionally. Researchers and business leaders will be able to share their expertise and experiences and develop a shared repertoire of resources to build knowledge and skills in digital literacy and adoption.

The Virtual Community of Practice was developed with the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council as part of the Council’s Imagining Canada’s Future initiative.  “We are thrilled to launch this innovative phase of the Digital Adoption Compass in partnership with SSHRC, a champion in the promotion of academic research in technology. This collaborative online space between the industry and academia will spark novel and forward-looking ideas to stimulate the adoption of smart technologies in this increasingly global and hyper-connected economy.” said Namir Anani, President & CEO of ICTC.

Canada’s success in the digital economy depends on our people—our ability to adopt, create and use new technologies. This virtual community of practice will help to build stronger connections between researchers and small and medium-sized enterprises for mutual benefit”, stated Ursula Gobel, Associate Vice-President, Future Challenges. “Social sciences and humanities research examines our daily interactions with the digital world. It moves beyond pure technology, and builds valuable insights about people that will, ultimately, fuel our success.”

You can access the Virtual Community of Practice at