Want to Know What Happened at Our Digital Youth Summit?

By 8 June 2016 No Comments

To better understand the skills young Canadians need as citizens and future workers in the digital age, the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) in collaboration with MediaSmarts, hosted a national Digital Youth Summit in Ottawa in late 2015 to hear directly from secondary students on this topic.

Those who attended provided tremendous insight on the current youth and education landscape as well as suggestions for future growth. This insight and sharing of opinions, as well as recent research, has resulted in a report that provides an overview of the important themes raised and discussed by the students during panel discussions, brainstorming sessions, Speakers’ Corner, and through evaluation forms.

Read the report here!

We’ve also collected some of the best feedback from students into a tip sheet called Be Respectful, Patient and Kind. [Read the tip sheet]

The students also gave advice in our speakers corner, which we’ve compiled into a two-minute video. [Watch the video]