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Webinar – Working in the Canadian digital economy

By 4 February 2016 No Comments

The Embassy of Canada France is hosting a webinar in partnership with the Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada on the topic of employment trends in the Canadian ICT sector. What skill sets are being sought after? Who is hiring? What is the average salary? What training opportunities are available?

The Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada (ICTC) is a research centre on the labor market of the digital economy.

During the webinar, Dr Meenakshi Gupta, Senior Director, Policy and Research, will present information and resources available on the current trends in the digital economy and future labour needs for ICT in Canada.

A representative of the Immigration Section of the Embassy of Canada will answer your questions on temporary or permanent immigration more broadly.

You can ask any questions during an interactive CHAT.

The link to connect will be sent 24 hours ahead of the session.

The session will take place on Tuesday February 9th 2016 at 12pm EST (6:00 pm CET, Paris, France).

You can register by clicking here.