Women in Technology (WIT) Initiative Launch of the Year 2 Assessment Results

By 9 June 2016 No Comments

ICTC is excited to announce the release of the 2nd annual assessment report for the Women in Technology initiative (WIT). This nation-wide initiative, created by ICTC and Status of Women Canada (SWC), has brought together six regional partners in a ground-breaking project to inform, support and collaborate, in order to help women enter decision-making and management roles and move up in their respective ranks in Canada’s Technology Sector.

These delivery partners, consisting of SCWIST in British Columbia, CCAT in Alberta, Communitech in Ontario, TECHNOCompétences in Quebec, ITAP in Prince Edward Island and DNS in Nova Scotia, are contributing to the overall effort of ICTC and SWC to promote equality for women in every aspect of Canadian life. The WIT initiative has achieved great success over the past two years by:

  • providing women with opportunities to develop the necessary technical and leadership skills
  • encouraging employers to create opportunities for women to take on leadership roles
  • addressing human resources (HR) practices, structures, and measures to ensure systemic change

This report, outlining the efforts of these six delivery partners’ initiatives, highlights the many successes that these partners have had in the promotion, retention and advancement in women in the technology sector, and provides an overall assessment of the initiative, including findings, recommendations and conclusions.
For the full report, please CLICK HERE, and be sure to check back to for more information on the WIT initiative.

This project has been funded by Status of Women Canada.