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A Year in Perspective 2018 – 2019

By 8 August 2019 No Comments

Digital transformation continues to profoundly change the face of business in Canada while unlocking greater value for the economy and society. Digital technologies now permeate every aspect of our lives, and enterprises across Canada are repositioning their business models and talent strategies to be digital-first. The advent of transformative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (A.I), IoT, Blockchain, and many others are also empowering many companies to become business leaders, transforming them from disrupted to disruptors in an ever-increasingly competitive marketplace. This accelerated wave of business transformation, however, comes against a backdrop of soft commodity prices, global geopolitical inflections, and increasing labour shortages. Despite these challenges, the digital economy in Canada showed remarkable resilience in 2018. According to ICTC’s research, the digital economy employed around 1.45 million Canadians and boasted a job growth that outpaced the rest of the economy by 4 to 1. Such healthy trends are expected to continue in 2019 based on early indications.

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