Your Expertise Needed: Cyber Security

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  •         Up to 90% of Canadian firms experience some type of cyber intrusions
    each year.
  •         60% say they are devoting enough resources.
  •         And yet the average detection of a data breach is 6 months.

Take this 5 minute survey and help inform the Government of Canada’s decisions on cybersecurity.

Cyber intrusions and theft of data and customer information has become a business reality that costs the global economy up to $ 575 billion annually, according to latest industry research (McAfee, 2014). Increasing connectivity is also leaving us vulnerable to cyber threats from crime networks, industrial competitors and malicious foreign actors.

That’s why Public Safety Canada has partnered with ICTC to study the impacts of cybercrime on the Canadian economy. Your input will help inform policymakers how to be prepared and protected against the evolving cyber threat.

But we need your expertise. This national research initiative is a confidential, 5-minute survey. The data gathered will inform national cyber security strategies that can make you and your company more secure.


Funding Provided by:

The Government of Canada