Work Integrated Learning Program — WIL Digital

ICTC’s national program to develop talent for the emerging ICT sectors, support businesses, and increase digital adoption in Canada.


Artificial Intelligence Promises Exciting Opportunities but also Disruption that Requires Effective Upskilling Strategies: New ICTC study

A new study BY ICTC explores the current state of development of this rapidly evolving technology, identifies Canada’s greatest strengths in AI innovation, its regional development hubs, and discusses the implications of AI in the Canadian labour market.


A Year In Review & A Look Forward To 2020

In 2019, climate change, unease about the future global economy, and trade uncertainties dominated the world scene. Digital trade, by contrast, continued to grow as cross-border data and communication flow increased, raising policy questions on IP rights, privacy, and security that will no doubt be the subject of increased debate in the coming years.


Over 280 Companies And 1600 Employees Make Up Canada’s Growing Blockchain Ecosystem: New ICTC Study

Canada’s blockchain ecosystem consists of over 280 companies employing 1600 workers, predominantly in the finance, fintech, and information and communications technology (ICT) sectors, according to a comprehensive new blockchain study released today by the ICTC.


Canada’s Digitally-Skilled Talent Demand To Reach 305,000 By 2023: ICTC Outlook To 2023

Canada’s demand for digitally-skilled talent is expected to reach 305,000 by 2023, for total employment of over 2 million in the digital economy.


Transformative Technologies For Smart Canadian Cities

This new tech brief builds on and presents an overview of the key technologies that are destined to shape the development of smart cities and municipalities while enhancing civic life.


How Atlantic Canada is Spearheading a Journey for Sustainable Growth in a Changing Economy

New blogpost, by ICTC's Alexandra Cutean, on how Atlantic is adding a new digital spin on ocean business.


Building A Smarter Future Together: ICTC Highlights The Pillars That Underscore Inclusive Growth In The Canadian Smart Economy

The first release from its multi-year national initiative on smart cities, this brief crafts the framework by which to assess future labour market impacts and shifting skill needs that will occur as our cities increasingly leverage technology to grow and change.


Calgary Skills Map

Using this tool, you can easily map your current career and existing skillset to in-demand opportunities. Have a look to see where you may have skill or knowledge gaps, and learn where you can access training and education programs to fill those gaps in order to transition to an exciting future in tech.


Digital Link

ICTC’s Digital Link Ontario is aimed to improve education-to-employment transitions and invest in recent graduates’ employability.


e-Talent Canada Portal

Talent Insights and Connections for the Digital Economy! Check out NEW features!


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