A Year In Perspective And A Look Forward To 2022

ICTC’s President and CEO Namir Anani reflects on the strides we have made through our research, initiatives, and growth as an organization.


How Distance Learning Can Move Beyond Emergency Education: New Study


CIO Strategy Council Joins ICTC’s Inaugural Digital Future Summit As A Summit Partner


Alberta’s Tech Sector Needs Qualified Newcomers with Strong “Soft Skills”: New Study

This study investigates how to enhance newcomer integration into Alberta’s digital economy.


Stepping Up To Canada’s Agri-Food Opportunities And Challenges Through Innovation And Digitization: New Report

This report explores how Canada can play a pivotal role in global food supplies by leveraging digital technologies to navigate intense competitive pressures and more.


BC’s Globally Recognized Creative Technology Sector Is A Key Driver Of Employment: New Report

This first-of-its-kind report for the sector examines both the creative tech sector’s job-development potential and demand for talent across animation, visual effects, and video game companies in the province.


COVE Prioritizes Diversity in this Year’s Round of WIL Digital Placements

At the heart of the ocean ecosystem is the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE), a global network of 2000-plus ocean leaders, government officials, and...


A Clear Coordinated Industrial AI Strategy Needs To Prioritize IP Ownership And Commercialization: New Report

This report provides research and insight into the realm of possibilities to bolster Canadian AI commercialization and market growth.


ICTC Labour Market Outlook: Additional Demand For Digital Talent To Reach 250,000 By 2025

ICTC’s latest labour market forecast examines the most in-demand occupations across the digital economy and their associated critical competencies and skills.


A Year In Perspective 2020 – 2021

ICTC's 2020 - 2021 Annual Report is now available.


The Future Of Healthcare Is Paved With Good Intentions: New Study

This report unravels Canada’s evolving healthcare landscape in the context of technology adoption.


Flexibility will be a Key Feature of the Future of Work: New Study

This report investigates the changing patterns, relationships, and norms of work.


Smart Cities, Smart Governments: ICTC Policy Roundtable on Smart Government in Canada

The fourth in a series of six Smart City Policy Roundtables discusses how a vibrant and inclusive smart economy will increasingly depend on “smart” governments.


ICTC Insights On The 2021 Federal Budget

The Information and Communications Technology Council welcomes the federal government’s budget as it relates to the digital economy.


EDGE UP Tech Training For Displaced Oil And Gas Professionals Expands Beyond Initial Pilot

Calgary’s EDGE UP transition-to-tech program will receive over $5.4 million from Future Skills Centre for training an additional 320 displaced oil and gas professionals.


TEAM Teapot From North York, Ontario, Wins CyberTitan IV National Finals On May 19, 2021

The virtual six-hour cybersecurity competition took place May 17; a virtual Summit, where students heard from cybersecurity industry experts, was held on May 18; and the official Award Celebration was hosted May 19.


More Tech In Canadian Classrooms Can Enhance Learning But Requires New Skills And Supports: Edtech Report

ICTC’s second edtech report, 21st Century Digital Skills: Competencies, Innovations and Curriculum in Canada, identifies the top technical skills required by educators—digital literacy, information/media literacy, and Learning Management Systems [LMS] fluency—and the top “human” or soft/transferrable skills—digital curiosity, interpersonal communication, and confidence.


ICTC’s Policy Contribution To The Davos 2021 Discussions

Shaping the Next Normal: ICTC’s Davos 2021 Policy Response Details a Sustainable Digital-First Economic Recovery


A Year In Perspective And A Look Forward To 2021

Despite a trying year that tested Canada’s resolve, we emerge optimistic about Canada’s prospects and the world we aim to shape for generations to come.


Upskill With Microsoft And ICTC

Get the digital skills you need to get back to work! COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the global economy, forcing millions of people out of work. In the post-COVID world, people with digital skills will be in demand and will have an advantage in rejoining the workforce. Are you ready for a new role in the digital economy? Microsoft has committed to help 25 million people worldwide who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 reskill for in-demand jobs.


Alberta Tech Employers Are Keen To Hire People With Disabilities But Need Better Understanding Of Key Issues: New Report

This new study, Inclusivity and Accessibility at the Core: Pathways to Employment in the Digital Economy for Albertans with Disabilities, provides critical insights into disabilities in the workplace and accessibility and inclusivity in hiring practices.


First-Of-Its-Kind Study Probes Canada’s Immersive Technology Ecosystem: ICTC Report

ICTC’s new report, Spanning the Virtual Frontier: Canada’s Immersive Technology Ecosystem, is a first-of-its-kind analysis that traces the emergence of immersive technology in Canada and provides a detailed picture of Canada’s immersive technology ecosystem.


Work Integrated Learning Program — WIL Digital

ICTC’s national program to develop talent for the emerging ICT sectors, support businesses, and increase digital adoption in Canada.


Artificial Intelligence Promises Exciting Opportunities but also Disruption that Requires Effective Upskilling Strategies: New ICTC study

A new study BY ICTC explores the current state of development of this rapidly evolving technology, identifies Canada’s greatest strengths in AI innovation, its regional development hubs, and discusses the implications of AI in the Canadian labour market.


Canada’s Digitally-Skilled Talent Demand To Reach 305,000 By 2023: ICTC Outlook To 2023

Canada’s demand for digitally-skilled talent is expected to reach 305,000 by 2023, for total employment of over 2 million in the digital economy.


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