5G: Jumpstarting our digital future

This new report provides a deep dive into the impact of 5th generation mobile network on employment, business transformation, and economic growth over the coming years in Canada.


Paving the Way for the Future of Work

The job market in Canada is undergoing structural transformation brought about by innovative technologies, demographic shifts, globalization, and the rise of the gig economy. This article discusses the role of public policy, particularly education.


ICTC’s Perspectives on a Data Economy Strategy

Read about ICTC’s perspective on a data economy strategy in an era where a data-driven economy is a global stimulus for fledgling entrepreneurs, and emerging industries to create and commercialize new Intellectual Property (IP) to achieve national, economic, and social aspirations.


Shifting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) To High-Growth Sectors: Driving A Sustainable Economic Future For Canada

Read about the importance of FDI as a revenue-generating agent for the Canadian economy, the paper showcases key considerations on Canada’s journey of to attracting and diversifying international capital to high-growth sectors of the economy, like ICT.


Feedback on the Direction for a New Government of Canada Digital Policy

Government digital initiatives should be conducted in collaboration with private sector leaders to ensure that the expertise in these companies is utilized and that government does not unnecessarily encroach on/replicate capabilities existing in the private sector.


Work Integrated Learning Program — WIL Digital

ICTC’s national program to develop talent for the emerging ICT sectors, support businesses, and increase digital adoption in Canada.


Digital Link

ICTC’s Digital Link Ontario is aimed to improve education-to-employment transitions and invest in recent graduates’ employability.


e-Talent Canada Portal

Talent Insights and Connections for the Digital Economy! Check out NEW features!


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