A new report by ICTC, Renewing Privacy for the Modern Digital Economy, provides a response to the Government of Ontario’s public consultation to improve the province’s privacy protection laws governing how organizations can collect, use, and disclose personal information.

COVID-19 has pushed entire communities online, making the improvement of privacy laws a priority for many jurisdictions. Telehealth, teleworking, virtual learning, and recent trends in artificial intelligence and the adoption of new digital tools all raise significant privacy implications.

As the Ontario government considers whether to establish its own provincial privacy legislation to replace federal privacy legislation for governing things like the right to erasure and competition and data portability, it will be important to maintain clear and effective coordination between the relevant parties.

This report is ICTC’s considered response to the Ontario government’s eight proposals on the following subjects:

  1. Increased Transparency
  2. Enhanced Consent
  3. The Right to Erasure
  4. Data Portability
  5. Stronger Enforcement
  6. De-Identified and Derived Data
  7. Expanding Scope
  8. Data Trusts

“In an increasingly digital-led future, data and online platforms continue to permeate every aspect of our private and business lives. From increased transparency and literacy to data portability, this report addresses the construct of a modern privacy law that is the bedrock of resilient digital economy,” said Namir Anani, ICTC President & CEO.

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The following executives and subject experts are available for an interview:

Namir Anani, ICTC president and CEO

Rob Davidson, Director, Data Analytics

Alexandra Cutean, ICTC Senior Director of Research & Policy

Mairead Matthews Research and Policy Analyst

Thank you for your interest in this report. To arrange an interview or for more information, please contact Paul Stastny at [email protected] (ph: 403.351.0138 Ext. 823).

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